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2020 Alumni Association Scholarship Students Enroll through Grace

It’s a hard fact that some UST students face overwhelming financial obstacles to their higher education. Thankfully, quite a few find themselves enrolled by the grace of God. In summer/fall 2020, grace for a dozen deserving students is arriving in the form of alumni scholarships.

Here are six snapshots of grateful recipients who look forward to completing their degrees in 2021.

Natasha Antoine, BSN ‘21

At 41, Natasha Antoine loves science and plans to fulfill her goal of being a pediatric hospital nurse.

One of 15 siblings, some of whom still live with their father in Trinidad, Antoine lost her mother to cancer in 2018.

“My parents adopted five of my siblings,” Antoine said. “My father and mother were helpers, and I’m a helper too. I want to use my nursing skills to take care of sick children and my income to help my father.”

Joshua Lockhart, BA/MBA in Finance ‘22

Joshua Lockhart, 21, feels at home at UST whether he’s in class or playing on the soccer team or at a campus ministry event or weeding the gardens on the Celt Day of Service.

The son of a warehouse worker has his heart set on a career as a financial analyst, and thanks to UST’S Alumni Association, he has every reason to be optimistic.

He said, “This scholarship is making it possible for me to stay in school and get the degree that I need from the university that I choose.”

Rosy Arias, BA in International Development ‘21

A shy 21-year old, Rosy Arias finds the small classes and caring professors at UST to be a perfect fit for her. She joined a campus club, Doctors Without Borders, and made some friends.

Then, COVID-19 business shutdowns cost her and her mother their part-time jobs. She sought and received an alumni association scholarship as well as a Celt Care Hardship/Disaster Award.

Arias declared, “I want to finish university on time, and make my family proud as the first to earn a college degree.”

Claire Mullan, BA in Music ‘21

Recalling the moment she found out she was getting a scholarship, 21-year old Claire Mullan said, “When I read the news, I was in disbelief, so surprised and really grateful.”

The talented vocal performance artist who grew up north of Dallas is the oldest of seven children, all homeschooled by their mother. Their father is a hardworking handyman.

Mullan said that securing financial support is the only way she can complete her degree.

As soon as she earns her BA, Mullan intends to remain at UST to pursue a Master in Sacred Music.

“I want to teach or be on staff at a church,” Mullan said, “and in the music world, the more education you have, the more opportunities you have.”

Victor Lara, BA in Biology ‘21

Victor Lara, 21, feels incredibly fortunate to be getting a high-quality education at UST and plans to go to medical school after he graduates. His goal is realistic thanks to financial support.

“The scholarship is everything, really important,” Lara said. “Since my family came to the U.S. from Venezuela to make a better life, medical crisis has struck twice — first, my grandmother with cancer, and then my grandfather had a surgery that required months of rehabilitation, resulting in enormous health care bills. The scholarship means the world to me.”

Lara will be the first in his family to earn a BA.

His favorite part of the University of St. Thomas is the mentorship he gets from his professors, which he said has instilled him with a passion for learning and made him truly feel like part of the UST community.

Santra Wilson, BSN ‘21

Santra Wilson has a heart for people with mental health issues. The 21-year old wants to work in her chosen field of psychiatric nursing at Ben Taub Hospital where UST has given her the opportunity to do her clinicals and meet nurses who have a similar passion.

Born in Houston, Wilson grew up in India and has a career commitment as large as her heart. She lives independently in the city, works part-time as a home-health assistant to an autistic teenager, and is a fulltime student of nursing at UST.

Along with scholarship assistance, Wilson is 100% responsible for generating her income.

“Without this important scholarship help, I would have to work even more hours, and that would take away from my studies,” Wilson said.

She loves UST’s nursing program, which she calls “unique” for its holistic emphasis on treating the person as a whole.

How You Can Help

On the evening of June 25, UST’s Alumni Association will host the first virtual Two Saints and a Taco Tasting Scholarship Fundraiser. Information on how to participate in the fun event and contribute to the scholarship fund is here.

Natasha, Joshua, Rosy, Claire, Victor and Santra want event participants to know that you are making education dreams come true.