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3 Minors = 1 Degree in Integrated Humanities

When do three minors equal a major? The answer?—starting in fall, 2020 at University of St. Thomas-Houston.

UST announces the fall launch of its new B.A. or B.S. in Integrated Humanities to be earned through a mix of three minors instead of a single major.

Director of Integrated Humanities, Thomas Behr, J.D., Ph.D, said, “The new path to an undergraduate degree is part of the University’s approach to a liberal arts education that is both practical for the 21st century and consistent with the Catholic intellectual tradition.”

Who Might Choose the New Degree

The new degree will have broad appeal. Take, for instance, the student who is undecided about an after-college career. He or she may be attracted to a well-rounded undergraduate formation to prepare them for a wide range of graduate options and jobs.

On the other hand, the student who knows precisely what he/she wants after an undergraduate degree also will be drawn to the new program, because three particular minors can synergistically give them an advantage on their next steps.

How It Could Work

“As an example,” Behr said, “a student interested in law school could pick one or two minors from a range of typical pre-law recommended areas like history and political science. Then, they might add a minor in a physical science, if they happened to be interested, say, in patent law, or accounting if they were interested in corporate or tax law.”

Likewise, if that law career student knew they would need more in the area of logical thinking, writing, historical understanding, minor options are available to help there.

Behr said, “I expect to work very closely with our Integrated Humanities B.A. or B.S. students to advise them in understanding their best options, given their career desires.”

With the program, students are encouraged to appreciate the unity of knowledge as they also learn to analyze and develop ethical, creative, cross-disciplinary modes of thinking.

To learn more about UST’s new Integrated Humanities B.A. or B.S., click here.