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All the World Is Alumnus Sean Thompson’s Stage

Sean K. Thompson, Theatre Director and News EditorAlumnus Sean K. Thompson is a blaze of accomplishments. His latest two involve historical Shakespeare and modern-day news. Thompson is directing a “Henry V” production as part of The Woodlands Arts in the Park - Shakespeare in the Park. In addition, he recently accepted the News and Content Editor position at Woodlands Online.

All the World Is a Stage

In his latest theatre arts activity, the self-described Shakespeare junkie offers another take on Henry V.

Thompson said, “Henry V was written as a typically rebellious teenager in earlier works, but when he finally ascends the throne of medieval England, he embraces his destiny and responsibilities. In Henry, Shakespeare wrote a true hero.”

Thompson has streamlined his exciting production from a nearly three-hour, two-act performance to a 100-minute, one-act experience. The audience will notice additional creative licenses. For instance, female actors fill numerous roles originally written for men. Also, pricey 15th Century chain mail or armor did not fit into the budget of this free-to-the-public production.

“We didn’t have a huge budget to spend on matching uniforms and battle gear, so we chose a costume palette that embraced a greater range of eras and realities,” Thompson said. “I did something similar a few years ago when I set ‘Macbeth’ in a far-flung dystopian future.”

The long-time thespian said he particularly loves how young ones come to The Woodlands festivals and realize there’s nothing to fear from Shakespeare.

“A few years back, we set ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the 1970s disco era — don’t laugh; it worked — and the Woodlands Symphony played ‘The Hustle’ for the masked ball scene. Audience members from toddlers to geriatrics got up and boogied the whole time, making themselves part of the show. It was amazing. 

Audiences can enjoy “Henry V” at two free performances (Bring blankets or lawn chairs to both!):

·      Saturday, Sept. 17, at Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands, 6055 Creekside Forest Drive, starting at 6 p.m. with The Woodlands Symphony, food trucks and vendors

·      Sunday, Sept. 25, at Central Green Park in Katy, 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd, starting at 5 p.m. and surrounded by restaurants

And Now for the News

When he is not directing, acting, writing a feature film or serving as artistic director of Points North Theatre, the small business owner is now performing as News and Content Editor at Woodlands Online. Staff and management there were already well-acquainted with his many areas of expertise — having carried a weekly streaming television show he hosted called “Woodlands on Air.”

“Hand in hand with the new position of news editor, I’ve reentered the local governmental and political scene, which was a tightrope to walk as my business services had previously included running political campaigns,” Thompson explained. “So I had to ensure the news aspect of my life took precedence. I recently moderated the 2022 ‘State of the Water Forum.’ From that I have been working on hosting a series of nonpartisan debates and candidate forums for the upcoming midterm election season as well as working on a comprehensive voter’s guide.”

And that’s the latest news on Sean Thompson … for now.