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Alumna MBA Economist Helps Women and Moms in New Book: “I TRUST My Inner Voice”

Ana Parra Vivas, MBA '11Ana Parra Vivas, MBA ’11, is an economist, life coach and mother. But, she also is a seeker who shares what she finds. Her new book, “I TRUST My Inner Voice,” is the outcome of Vivas’ latest finding — a blueprint for women on how to trust their inner voice and manifest life balance from motherhood to a rewarding career.

“I TRUST My Inner Voice” reflects the present location on the Colombian-born Vivas’ remarkable journey. The University of St. Thomas-Houston has been a meaningful destination along the way.

How She Found UST’s MBA

With a love of math and a B.A. in Economics from Colombia, Vivas came to Houston with her husband for his job. In Texas, she worked for Humana in marketing sales support but sensed a ceiling in that position.

“I wanted an MBA to get into oil and gas and develop the skills necessary to put me onto a different level,” she said.

She had studied English at U of H and learned that a smaller campus would be better for her.

“U of H was just too big for me,” she recalled. “I got lost at the campus many times. So, I googled and found UST. I loved the location and did my research. Then, my husband and I visited the campus and found I could take classes at night and keep working.”

The MBA classes at St. Thomas were everything Vivas wanted and needed. She continues to use what she learned there.

What Her MBA Did for Her

“My MBA has expanded my vision tremendously, giving me skills in multiple areas. There was much more than the valuable academics where we looked at financial statements and learned to think, analyze and develop strategy; there was the community, the professors and the life experiences they shared. I met classmates from different countries.”

After earning her MBA, Vivas’ expanded knowledge and skills took her to that job in the oil and gas sector.

Vivas explained, “I started as an analyst, then marketing manager. Then I was advising the president on new markets to penetrate. That’s the skill the MBA gave me.”

Tough Decision Led Her Away from Oil and Gas and Toward Her Book

A few years later, Vivas needed more flexibility to homeschool her two children, so she quit her job. Then, after working with a coach, she wrote “I TRUST My Inner Voice.” Now, she is sharing her breakthrough blueprint of Healthy Mental Habits™.

“It was tough to leave knowing how hard it is for women to get to where I was,” Vivas said. “I had to change my thinking and kept listening to my inner voice. I came up with actions I needed to do every day to stay aligned with my goals. I call them Healthy Mental Habits™. They’re habits that help me stay balanced and manifest what I really want — actions like meditation and gratitude. In my book, I explain why they’re important and how they helped me to eliminate fear and anxiety and create a thriving, peaceful and harmonic life.”

Now a life balance coach, she said her book is a path to believing in oneself, feeling worthy and manifesting with faith. Vivas especially wants to help women and mothers because “so many are struggling in balancing their roles.”

She envisions the book as a NY Times Bestseller because the information is so valuable and impactful for women who want to find their life balance. In addition to focusing on her children, Vivas is developing a coaching program based on the book. “I TRUST My Inner Voice” will be ready for purchase through Amazon on Jan. 24, 2023. In the meantime, keep up with Vivas through her website and her pre-launch event.