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Alumni Lead Young Catholic Professional Organization

Young Catholic Professional Leaders Emiliana Aquila, Joseph Aquila and Rachael BellFinding your calling after college can be challenging, but three alumni have taken it upon themselves to plug into an organization that helps them network and live out their faith in the professional world. Emiliana Aquila ’18, Joseph Aquila ’18 and Rachael Bell ’19 are leaders in the Houston Chapter of Young Catholic Professionals, serving as Vice President and Director of Evangelization, Director of Outreach and Director of Marketing, respectively.

"I decided to serve in this capacity to strengthen my skills and knowledge in marketing, but using my skills to glorify God," Bell said. "My involvement has strengthened my professional growth in thinking outside the box."

YCP was founded in 2010 to help driven, Catholic professionals in their 20s and 30s connect with one another and grow their Catholic faith. Central to YCP’s mission of engaging young Catholic leaders is the importance of connecting them with seasoned Catholic professionals.

They regularly host happy hour events where they encourage young adults to meet new people and network in addition to an executive speaker series where they invite prominent business professionals to offer insights about life, work and faith.

“Being part of the YCP family has helped me mature professionally and has helped me develop practical skills like event management and outreach while developing confidence to meet new people, Emiliana Aquila said. “There are so many cool people who are part of the community already and we are always inviting more.”

Their mission also calls upon the intercession of St. Joseph the Worker, who reminds them of the importance of stillness, reflection and prayer.

“There are a lot of good reasons to join YCP,” Joseph said, “The top reason is the opportunity to be in a community where everybody is striving for the same thing and encouraging one another. The second is to learn how to be the best person you can be in all aspects of your life.”

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