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Alyssa Miranda '19: St. Thomas Athletic Alumni Spotlight

Alyssa MirandaThis week we spoke with Alyssa Miranda, a former member of the University of St. Thomas inaugural Women’s Soccer team. Miranda currently lives in London, England.

Miranda graduated from UST in the spring of 2019 with her Bachelors of Arts degree in Business. After beginning her education at UST initially as a biology major, Miranda switched her degree plan junior year to pursue business.

A few obstacles MIranda overcame while living abroad included becoming more familiar with public transportation, adjusting to the dreich weather, and finally acclimating herself to British culture. She may or may not have found herself lost a few times before mastering the bus/train schedule.

alumni spotlight logoMiranda shared that she still had a passion for biology, and so she went on to earn her Master’s degree in Global Public Health from the University of Greenwich, in London, England. Since graduating in 2019, Miranda and her partner Jamie Head '15  made the leap over the pond to live in London. Jamie (England born and raised) was a part of UST’s first Men’s soccer team to win the RRAC championship, and RRAC tournament under former coach, Aaron Champenoy.

Five years of UST soccer was not enough for Miranda, so she decided to join a local competitive team in England, the Millwall Football Club. Here, she plays left forward for the Lionesses.

We asked Miranda what advice she would give to current UST athletes and she responded, “I would say don’t take it for granted. Enjoy your time as much as you can, because once you graduate, you’re done. Playing is never the same after college.”

Aside from missing her family and the sunshine back in Houston, Miranda sees a future for herself in England. We look forward to having her back on campus in the near future.