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An Alumnus to “Bank” On in Education

Since Kevin Banks, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership ’13 from the University of St. Thomas, and Ed.D in Executive Education ’18 from the University of Houston, encountered the market crash of 2008 and successfully pivoted from his accomplished path in finance to education, he has earned remarkable rewards. Most recently, the native Houstonian developed, launched, and is leading the Spring Leadership Academy, which opened its doors in August of 2019. The new, Spring ISD middle school is built on an exciting concept and has noble goals.

The middle school principal said, “Spring Leadership Academy serves students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades with a small-school program. We strive to develop young women and men into leaders who possess critical skills that will empower them to succeed in a competitive and fast-changing global environment.”

The school wants students of all ability levels and backgrounds — students who are strong academically and students who have gaps or behavior challenges.

“We want to see them grow into the next generation of civic-minded leaders who can solve tomorrow’s problems,” Banks said.

When he sees his students, the husband and father of three views them through the lens of a philosophy he learned at UST.

“At St. Thomas, I first heard the term loco parentis, Latin for ‘in the absence of the parent, you are the parent.’ I see these children as my children, and I want the best for them, just like I want the best for my kids.”

With an entrepreneurial mindset and his background in business, Banks has made sure to incorporate the business pathway into the curriculum.

“Whatever field they choose later, the business skills they learn here — how to interview, work as a team, think critically, articulate their thoughts — will be very helpful,” he said.

Before arriving at Spring ISD, Banks served at Aldine Middle School, where he was named Teacher of the Year (‘12 – ‘13) and received the Extra Mile Award three years in a row. In 2013, he was named an assistant principal and then associate principal at Spring ISD’s Roberson Middle School. In December of 2018, the educator accepted his promotion to principal of Spring Leadership Academy.

Banks, who believes in excellence, not perfection, plans to focus now on developing the skills to be an excellent principal. Based on his prior achievements, one might bank on his and Spring Leadership Academy’s success.

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