09:00 AM

Athletic Alumni Spotlight: Kennard Robinson

We took some time this week to speak with UST Men's Basketball alumni, Kennard Robinson '20, who moved to Mekenheim, Germany, this year.

Kennard Robinson graduated from UST in the Fall of 2020 with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Robinson said he chose UST for a handful of reasons, but shared that his most important one was our head basketball coach, Anthony Medina. "I had offers to go out of state, but during the recruiting process, Coach Medina showed me that he had my best interest at heart," Robinson added. "He pursued me, cared for me, and in the end he was a very influential person in my life. I want to thank him for everything he has done for me, from molding me and helping me grow into the man and professional basketball player I am today."

Robinson was a part of the UST basketball squad that was affected by COVID-19. We asked how his perspective shifted as a student athlete during this trying period, and he responded, "Things happen for a reason. Everything happens on God's time, and you have to trust the process and be patient and put your trust in God. You can't rush God's process."

COVID-19 was just a minor setback for Kennard. After leaving UST, Robinson got married and shortly after, made the leap across the pond to pursue his professional basketball career in Germany, playing for the Meckenheim Futuremens. Robinson shared that he is loving life in Germany thus far, and he definitely sees himself living in Europe for quite some time.

The UST Men's Basketball team has recently begun their 2021-2022 campaign, so we asked Robinson to give the current athletes some advice. "Keep working hard every day and always give it your all, because every day is not promised. After college, you're in the real world and you have to compete for jobs and other opportunities. Take this time to practice in college."