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“Attennnnnn-SHUN!”: Veterans-Only Lunch and Learn at USTMAX Center

The upcoming Lunch and Learn hosted by the USTMAX Center on Oct. 27 is inspired by Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski’s vision for helping veterans to become entrepreneurs. The event is creating buzz and deservedly so. First, you must be a military veteran to attend. Second, the event promises to provide valuable, practical information on how veterans can start their own businesses. And third, the not-to-be-missed gathering will be held at the military-themed Honor Café in Conroe and include complimentary lunch.

This USTMAX Lunch and Learn takes place Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021, from noon to 1:30 p.m., inside the Honor Café at 103 N. Thompson in Conroe. Reservations are required.

Fantastic Speakers Provide Valuable Tips & Insights from Experience

Speakers for the one-and-a-half-hour event are accomplished business people and educators who strongly support the success of veterans. They will be there to share what they have learned and offer additional support from the University of St. Thomas.

Mayor Czajkoski, the founder of MHW Real Estate will present first, sharing words of wisdom as a business owner. On top of that, he will describe how veterans have what it takes to make it in business.

“Veterans have already gained some valuable skills that would really benefit them in starting a business,” Czajkoski said. “One of those skills is discipline. Veterans are highly disciplined, and with a little money in your pocket this can make for a great scenario to start a business. I can show them from experiences how to be prepared, set manageable goals, take risks and not be afraid of failure!”

Owner of the Honor Café and former U.S. Marine Chris Sadler will offer tips for success along with personal anecdotes and lessons learned.

UST’s Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Beena George, who previously led the University’s Cameron School of Business, will be there to share exciting news about the upcoming launch of UST’s Veterans Entrepreneurship BootCamp (VEB). George will describe the new 4-part program to be offered FREE to Montgomery County veterans interested in starting or strengthening their businesses.

George explained, “The University of St. Thomas has designed the Veterans Entrepreneurship BootCamp to support Montgomery County veterans and Conroe. The VEB will share essential skills, strategies and resources with veterans who, in turn, will start businesses and help to drive the Conroe area’s economy.”

And Trisha Ruiz, director of the UST Veteran Success Center, will describe St. Thomas’ military-friendly campus with a full complement of services designed to support veterans and help them succeed in higher education.

Dr. Carla E. Alsandor, senior director of USTMAX Center said, “The USTMAX Center is pleased to bring Mayor Czajkoski’s vision of helping veterans become entrepreneurs into being. His passion for helping people succeed is quite synergetic with our mission. So we welcomed the opportunity to work together to support veterans as business people, which will, in turn, enhance economic development in this region.”

Leaders from the local community who are helping to make this event happen are: Elizabeth West from the Mayor’s Office; Marcey Phillips from VFW Post 4709; Doc Holiday, who is a veteran outreach volunteer; Chris Sadler and Chris Grose (GM) from Honor Café; and, of course, all guest speakers for the Lunch and Learn.