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Calen Anderson and Kailee Mann are 2022 Mr. & Ms. UST

Ms. and Mr. UST Kailee Mann and Calen AndersonA crowning moment in the University of St. Thomas-Houston Homecoming festivities over the weekend was the actual crowning of 2022’s Mr. and Ms. UST. The top-secret cat was out of the bag with the coronation announcement during Men’s Basketball halftime that Calen Anderson and Kailee Mann were the new Mr. and Ms.  

These two individuals—one on her way to being a nurse and the other set to be an entrepreneurial business owner—are student leaders who have embraced every opportunity to grow at UST. They exemplify the essence of UST and what it is to be a Celt.

Mr. UST: Calen Anderson

Mr. UST Calen AndersonCalen Anderson is from Webster, Texas, and went to Clear Creek High School.  He is highly visible on campus, serving in internships, on committees and in various volunteer opportunities. The major he is working toward is BBA/MBA General Business with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  His expected completion date is spring ’24.

“I chose to get an MBA in General Business with a minor in Entrepreneurship because I eventually want to start my own business and I feel that the skillsets learned through this degree program will help me become successful in that endeavor.”

Anderson is also on the UST Men’s Basketball team. He loves helping people and bringing them together.

“I have been able to bridge the gap between student athletes and other students. Most athletes stay in their respective bubbles and don’t focus much attention outside of their sports commitment, but I find joy in community and connecting with as many different individuals as I can.”

Anderson finds that the small size of UST made for a big family.

“What makes UST so great is the close relationships that you form with people on this small campus. You are able to see the same people every day throughout the years and it really does become a family. Not to mention, everyone lives by the same code of being good, hardworking individuals with a vision in life. Iron sharpens iron and I am blessed to have spent the past 3 years in that kind of environment.”

Ms. UST Kailee MannMs. UST: Kailee Mann

Kailee Mann is from Katy, Texas, and attended James E. Taylor High School. She is a senior majoring in nursing at UST’s Peavy School of Nursing. The self-aware Mann is set to graduate in spring 2023.

“Since I was in the fifth grade, I knew I wanted to become a nurse,” Mann said, “a patient’s advocate, who makes them feel safe.”  

At UST, Mann has served in a wide range of positions from Vice President of the Executive Student Organization to Presidential Ambassador to Freshman Symposium Mentor and more. She has given dozens of campus tours over the years to future students and feels proud to see them now walking the halls as enrolled Celts.

Mann said, “In the Texas Medical Center hospitals for clinical rotations, I wear my red UST scrubs proudly to show that I come from a school where goodness, discipline and knowledge are highlighted to create a holistic, well-rounded nurse. UST is my second home and the reason I was able to serve others in a way I couldn’t if I were at any other college. I love UST and how it contributed to my growth as a follower of Christ. I’m blessed to have been able to do God’s work in the hospital, in the classroom, and throughout our campus for the last four years.”

Mann reflected on how she has become a better version of herself because of UST.

“As I take my last year of classes, I’ve realized how much I have grown with knowledge and critical thinking compared to the freshman that started in Anatomy & Physiology. I have established all four core values through my nursing journey without even realizing that I was becoming the holistic nurse our school prepares us to be. Finally, my student involvement has shaped me into a hardworking, conflict-resolving, and intentional Celt. I was blessed for the opportunity to step right into involvement my freshman year, because every single event and meeting has guided me to become a servant leader who is prudent and appreciative. Our small-knit community gave me the chance to make an impact on others, and in turn on myself. I learned how to face adversity, adapt to change, and give thanks to God’s beautiful and diverse creation.”

Both Mann and Anderson will serve in the roles as Mr. and Ms. UST at the Mari Gras Gala in the spring. And there will be other opportunities to showcase these remarkable students, so stay tuned.