11:46 AM

Canon Lawyer Benedict Nguyen Elected to Board of Governors for CLSA

UST AVP for Student Affairs Ben Nguyen, MTS, JCL, JD, D.Min-ABDUniversity of St. Thomas-Houston AVP for Student Affairs Benedict Nguyen, MTS, JCL, JD, D. Min-ABD, who also is a Canon lawyer, has been elected to the Board of Governors for the Canon Law Society of America. The CLSA is a national professional society of Roman Catholic canon lawyers. CLSA is dedicated to the promotion of the study and the application of Canon law.

“I am very thrilled but also very humbled to be elected by my canon law colleagues to the Board of Governors for the Canon Law Society of America,” Nguyen said. “It is such an honor for me to serve in this capacity. At the same time, I am also proud to be representing the University of St. Thomas-Houston to this professional society that is so important to the life of the Catholic Church in America.”

Nguyen added, “The final canon in the Code of Canon Law (cf. CIC, canon 1752) reminds us that the salvation of souls is the supreme law. This serves as a clear reminder to all of us who work in the ministry of canon law, but also to all of us who serve each other here at UST, that all of our work is ultimately to help others grow in faith, hope and love.” 

Canon law is the legal system of the Catholic Church and is the oldest functioning legal system in the western world. This legal system is a discipline distinct from moral theology. Canon law developed over the centuries and was simplified into a single authoritative “Code” by 1917 and revised in 1983.