14:24 PM

Castillo-Rhodes and Bolt Named to Governor’s Commission for Women

UST Board Member Denise Castillo Rhodes and UST Chief Legal Counsel Gita Bolt, J.D.Two leaders with strong ties to the University of St. Thomas-Houston have been named to Greg Abbott’s Governor’s Commission for Women. The two are Denise Castillo-Rhodes, UST Board Member, CFO for the Texas Medical Center and MBA '92; and Gita Bolt, J.D., UST’s chief legal counsel. Both said they are honored to have been considered and selected.

Only 14 members sit on the Texas statewide commission. They bring different experiences and insights to effect needed change. The commission’s top three initiatives include: 1) human trafficking, 2) women-owned businesses, and 3) initiatives with the Department of Family and Protective Services/Heart Galleries.

Seizing the Opportunity

Bolt calls it a fantastic opportunity for her and all women. She and Castillo-Rhodes hope to bring their unique perspectives to the group, promote issues concerning women, and draw attention to UST at the same time.

“My place on the commission will also highlight the University,” she said. “Secondly, as a Minority Serving Institution, I will use every opportunity to share the importance of education, the ability to afford education and the importance of increasing the Pell Grant.”

Castillo-Rhodes said, “Part of UST’s strategic vision for the next 10 years is to be known locally, nationally and internationally as a recognized leader in education and innovation in Texas. My fellow Commissioner Gita Bolt and I will use this platform to highlight the noble work of the University in its mission to educate our next generation of well-rounded leaders.”

Why the Governor Chose Them

Both Castillo-Rhodes and Bolt are involved in their communities, serve on various boards and are committed to the advancement and empowerment of women. They will deliver value every day to the commission’s activities, which include developing women-owned business opportunities, highlighting the accomplishments of notable Texas women, and responding to constituent inquiries related to women’s issues.

A Memorable Quote by Margaret Thatcher

Quoting Margaret Thatcher, Castillo-Rhodes noted, “The former UK Prime Minister once said, somewhat playfully, ‘If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.’ One of the best things about serving on this commission is meeting some amazing and accomplished women with diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences.  I look so forward to meeting each and every one of them, diving into the work of the Commission and working to develop strategies to meet the needs of tomorrow’s women today. I can’t wait to get started!”