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Celt Couple Exudes Gratitude and Success

Dr. Huy Le '00 and Susan Nguyen Le '00She is a pharmacist. He is a family physician. Together, Susan Nguyen Le ’00 and Huy Le ’00 are a successful Celt couple full of gratitude for their experiences and the formation they received as undergrads at the University of St. Thomas-Houston.

Another Celt Couple

Speaking for the couple, Susan said, “We love the school so much. My husband and I met during freshman orientation in August 1996.”

Back then, UST divided the freshmen into groups and assigned a color to each group.

“We were in the green group together, and I happened to be wearing a green dress that day—which I still have!” she added.

Since then, the couple has built a faithful, loving family and worked hard. Susan has become the co-owner of an independent pharmacy. Huy bought a family physician practice near where he grew up in southeast Houston. In that neighborhood, 80% of his patients are Vietnamese-speaking, like he and his parents were when they first came to the U.S. after the Vietnam War.

With the couple’s success in healthcare, they felt moved to donate during the construction of UST’s Center for Science and Health Professions building. As a result, their names proudly appear on room 428 on the fourth floor.

Susan’s Early Years

Her Vietnamese immigrant parents moved to Houston when she was three.

She recalled, “Like Huy’s parents all those years ago, mine had nothing and moved from Nebraska to Houston for work. Dad saved money and opened a used car dealership where he prospered. He and my mom worked hard, saved, bought car washes and dealerships, and then retail shopping strips. They started from scratch and went from rags to riches. We saw how hard our parents worked, so Huy and I do the same.”

A Celt Legacy Family

The Le children: Ashley, Noah, Nicholas (current Celt), and HannahWithin their family, being a Celt is fast becoming a tradition. Susan and Huy both have brothers who are UST alumni and met their wives at St. Thomas. And there is more.

“My oldest son, Nicholas, is a freshman at UST this year,” Susan beamed. “And I have three more children in high school, and all three want to attend St. Thomas because they have absorbed our enthusiasm for the school.”

She promotes UST at her Catholic church and to all her friends.

“I tell them it provides a great education and will open doors to whatever they want to do,” she said. “It’s a perfect place to start the rest of your successful life. Between the professors, the programs, the campus and the students—we’re deeply grateful that we chose St. Thomas. You can’t go wrong.”