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Celts in the US Capital

Student-submitted article: Gabriela Clinton and Fernanda Ricaud

My goal is to not just make abortion illegal. My goal is to make it unthinkable.” -Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson’s words rang true as thousands of people flew to the nation’s Capital to march for the protection of the unborn’s right to life. On January 18, the UST pro-life club, Celts for Life, took the largest group of students yet to the 2024 March for Life, with 34 students, an alumna, two religious Dominican sisters, the University’s President Dr. Richard Ludwick, and First Lady Melynda Ludwick.

Despite the freezing temperatures, the marchers found child-like joy walking through the snowy streets of D.C., chanting and praying in celebration of life. Throughout the march, UST’s pro-life group encountered fellow pilgrims from all over the world, from children to the elderly, and from Canadians to Argentinians. Even as Roe v. Wade was overturned two years ago, all were still gathered, united in one message and mission: to declare that abortion should end once and for all.

The narrative of the pro-life movement is shifting from one of merely condemning abortion to one of reaching out and changing the hearts of all citizens, one by one. Always standing with women in crisis, we reach out a sympathetic hand to help them choose life. The speakers at the March were emphatic that we as the pro-life movement become allies who provide compassion, support and resources throughout women’s unexpected pregnancies. Only love will transform hearts, and it starts with this March for Life. United in this year’s theme, we stand “With Every Woman, For Every Child.”

As a first step in turning this mission into a reality, Celts for Life attended Georgetown University’s Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, adopting its focus on “Discerning the Next 25 Years.” The conference attendees eagerly listened to keynote speaker, Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, with the inclusion of several other breakout sessions and panel speakers on various aspects of the pro-life movement.

Among them stood out the message of moving towards action, service, and dedication. When asked about where the pro-life movement is heading in the next 25 years, Celts for Life member Diego Treviño commented, “We are going to continue to grow. We will have an increase in the youth representing the movement. I think that now is when we can really push for more specific pro-life aspects.”

The officers of Celts for Life plan on doing exactly that, starting with increasing awareness and service towards foster care. After all, for women in crisis to want to choose life, we must create a world where it is overwhelmingly compelling to do so and improve the option of adoption.

Celts for Life Outreach Coordinator, Fernanda Ricaud, adds, “Our next Goliath across college campuses are now the chemical abortions (also known as the abortion pill). We are still spreading the pro-life message by providing resources for women who would otherwise be inclined to choose these devastating pills. Moreover, to show what being pro-life is about, we must also help the babies whose mothers chose life.”

The 2024 March for Life has given Celts for Life and the UST community a second wind in changing the narrative to a celebration of life’s beauty and inherent value. Club Secretary Gabriela Clinton takes Abby Johnson’s quote as “a need to not only believe in the preciousness of children, but to change the minds of people to cherish them as well.”

The students are grateful to Faculty Advisor Sister Theresa “Chau” Nguyen and Events Coordinator Joey Szabo for an unforgettable trip.


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Gabriela Clinton is an English major with a minor in General Business. She serves as secretary to Celts for Life. Fernanda Ricaud is an Education major and the outreach director of Celts for Life. She also serves as development assistant at Houston Coalition for Life.