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Center for Faith & Culture Offers Free Tuition for Fall 2023

Here is a limited-time offer for new students who want to receive free tuition to earn an M.A. in Faith and Culture or a Certificate in Faith and Culture in fall 2023 from University of St. Thomas’ Nesti Center for Faith & Culture.  To apply go to Graduate Admissions. 

Classes are 100% online (zoom attendance) in real-time. Students can finish their 36-hour MAFC degree in two years by attending full-time (three courses per semester). Students have a maximum of eight years to complete their degrees.

Tuition assistance scale for part-time and full-time students:

·         Year 1: 100%

·         Year 2: 75% tuition

·         Years 3, 4, 5, and 6: 50% Tuition

·         Years 7-8: 25% tuition

Eligibility for Scholarship Aid:

  • Students must complete a graduate application to the MAFC or Certificate in Faith and Culture program and be accepted by the NCFC Admissions Committee for enrollment in fall 2023.
  • Students must register for Faith and Culture courses for credit and maintain a B+ average or higher in all classes. Financial aid is not available to audit students.
  • Students must complete at least 4 hours of volunteer work for the NCFC every semester. Out-of-town students will have opportunities for remote/online service.
  • The NAFC Admissions Committee will only consider complete applications. Preference will be given to applicants who are active, registered members of a parish or faith community in the contiguous United States.