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CIA, FBI and Dept. of State Recruit on UST Campus


With a degree from UST,  jump-start a career as a Foreign Service officer, in intelligence or counter-intelligence operative or become an international journalist.

The Career Services team at UST, led by Director Paula Marsh, works to bring new internships, externships and job opportunities to campus. Part of that effort brings recruiters to campus to interview students. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are now interviewing virtually, including government agencies such as the FBI, the CIA and the Department of State.

UST Named a Preferred School to Recruit

Recently, UST was declared a preferred school for these three institutions and the fall 2020 recruiting period has been robust.

“For the fall 2020 recruiting season,” Marsh said, “we saw a 31 percent increase in the number of students who attended the information sessions with these government agencies.”

In addition, for the 2019 – 2020 graduation period, Career Services reports:

  • Of the 41 percent of students who indicated they were seeking employment with government agencies, almost three-quarters reported that they applied, or would be applying, for roles within the FBI, CIA or Department of State
  • Of the 48 percent of students who were not seeking employment at graduation, 69% indicated that they were continuing their education (graduate programs including – Public Policy, Global Affairs, Diplomacy and Strategic Affairs) in order to better position themselves to work in government roles.

Marsh shared typical opportunities within these three agencies and noted that the University’s International Studies students are prized because of their international/global affairs knowledge and their foreign language skills.

International Studies Degrees Help Land Your Dream Job

UST’s Center for International Studies offers students an opportunity to be a Foreign Service officer and be a major player at the epicenter of U.S. foreign policy issues, from nuclear department to negotiations with troublesome nations. The Center now offers a BA/MA in Diplomacy and Strategic Affairs and a Master of Arts in Diplomacy & Strategic Affairs. Other careers include working in intelligence, non-governmental organizations, or becoming an international journalist.

She was quick to add that recruitment is not limited to international studies students.

CIA LogoFor the CIA, opportunities are based in Washington D.C. and students must apply 12 months prior to their intended start date. Fields of study that draw interest include the following:

    • Accounting/Finance
    • Foreign Languages
    • Economics
    • Engineering
    • Information Technology


    • STEM (technologies)
    • Arts & Communications
    • Business (analysis)
    • Logistics (build and maintain systems and locations)
    • Legal
    • Medical/Counseling
    • Police/Security

Dept. of State logoDepartment of State

    • Foreign Service Officer (economics, public policy)
    • Foreign Service Consular Fellows Program (languages)
    • Information Management
    • Medical
    • Engineering
    • Investigation/Management Analyst
    • Security

For the Department of State, knowledge of public policy and internships are located in Washington, D.C. or abroad at embassies around the world.

“While the hiring process of government agencies is extensive, working for the CIA, FBI or Department of State provide opportunities to work all over the world, be on the forefront of innovation, have endless opportunities to learn and grow professionally, thrive within a supported culture and work with great people,” Marsh said.

Recruiting Timelines Information

The process is cloaked in mystery because, Marsh notes, the recruiting for government agencies is not publicized, and students who enter the process do not share specific information with Career Services. With that said, Marsh adds, “Students can find the recruiting timelines by attending an information session or looking at the organization’s website.”