15:16 PM

Conroe Campus Proposed Concept Revealed at Press Conference

Conroe City Councilman Jody Czajkoski, UST Dean of Nursing Poldi Tschirch, UST President Richard Ludwick and Conroe Mayor Toby PowellOn Monday, April 29, UST President Dr. Richard Ludwick unveiled the “proposed concept” for University of St. Thomas’ Conroe Campus at a press conference at Deison Technology Park in Conroe. The proposed campus would include a nursing school, a Chapel and academic and administration buildings.

At the press conference, Dr. Ludwick acknowledged Vince D’Amico ’52 who donated 50 acres to the University in Conroe to help further the University’s plans to build a campus there.

In addition to the press conference with Conroe City Officials, UST hosted an evening awareness event for the community at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe.

“The goal of our community engagement event is finding out the needs of Conroe community and how University of St. Thomas can best partner to meet those needs,” Ludwick said. “We want to develop facilities that would work hand-in-hand with custom curriculums developed in conjunction with corporate partners. This approach would help provide pathways for students’ future careers in Conroe or beyond.”

Initially, UST will offer an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (ABSN) in 2020. This degree is for individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree but want to transition into nursing. The Accelerated program will be offered online, in-classroom and through clinical experiences. This program is designed to be completed in 12 months.

“The accelerated BSN program model is designed for individuals who have completed a previous university degree. These learners bring maturity and life experiences that make it possible for them to finish the program more rapidly,” Dr. Poldi Tschirch, dean of the Peavy School of Nursing, said. “Students meet the same program learning outcomes and follow the same curriculum as those in the traditional format. The difference in approach is the innovative ways to deliver the classes, which includes online learning and a reduced timeline.”

The UST Nursing Program would initially move into the old Conroe Police Station at 700 Old Montgomery Road, across from Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe, as it explores plans for building a new campus at Deison Technology Park.

University of St. Thomas is looking into offering additional nursing degree in Conroe. On the Houston Campus, the School of Nursing offers a BSN and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP).