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Cryptocurrency: What Is It and Why Should We Care?

Upcoming Lunch and Learn at the USTMAX Center

Dr. Daniel Perez, UST associate professor of financeCryptocurrency: It is making some people extraordinarily wealthy. The future-is-now currency is created by powerful computers, stored in a digital ledger, and employed as a medium of exchange using computer networks that don’t have anything to do with traditional banks. The concept mystifies and worries those who don’t understand it—which is most folks.

What, When & Where

The title of the USTMAX Center’s upcoming quarterly Lunch and Learn in downtown Conroe, Texas, is “Cryptocurrency: What Is It and Why Should We Care?” On Thursday, April 28, 2022, from noon to 1:00 p.m., Dr. Daniel Perez, UST associate professor of finance, will share valuable information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

He will cover the following and more:

·      What is cryptocurrency?

·      What are the largest cryptocurrencies?

·      Is it an actual “currency?”

·      Should I invest in it?

·      What are the risks and returns of cryptocurrencies?

How to Approach Investing & Embrace the Future

When it comes to investing, Perez notes, “Like any financial asset, prospective investors need to understand the risk and expected returns. Then, cryptocurrency can be useful in terms of diversifying a portfolio. Also, owning various cryptocurrencies can help reduce cryptocurrency risk.”

It’s been ages since the pre-money days of bartering. But, in the present, another “new world” has arrived.

“People need to embrace the future—digital currencies are real and are here to stay,” Perez said.

Dr. Carla E. Alsandor, senior director of the USTMAX Center, said, “Cryptocurrency is still such a mystery for so many of us, so we are looking forward to having Dr. Perez share his extensive knowledge on the subject with the Conroe business community.  I’m looking forward to this one - it’s going to be another good session!”   

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Box lunches and beverages will be provided for the cryptocurrency Lunch and Learn at USTMAX. Maximum seating is 15, so interested individuals are asked to RSVP here.