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Deacon Robert Hesse Offers Fresh Voice on Faith and Science in His New Book on the Subject

Deacon Robert Hesse, Ph.D, who co-teaches a graduate course on Faith and Science for the University of St. Thomas' Nesti Center for Faith & Culture, recently published his book Faith and Science: A Journey into God's Mystical Love through Crossroads Publishing.

The book explores the asymptotic convergence of faith and science over a broad range of disciplines, including physics to creation, chemistry to life, biology to consciousness, and psychology to mysticism – all accessible in a language non-scientists can understand.  Deacon Hesse uses his compelling personal story to lead the reader on a journey through the universe, which led him back to his religious roots. Join him on his intriguing, questioning, heartfelt quest to experience God's awe in a very personal way.

"My book is a strange one," Deacon Hesse writes. "From clerical betrayal to mystical union and from science to faith. Everyone told me that science would lead me away from the faith. Instead, I found God in the Big Bang and stars, in the God particle and DNA, in free will and consciousness, contemplative prayer and ecstasy…."

Deacon Robert Hesse, Ph.DDeacon Hesse, an adjunct faculty member, is a permanent Catholic deacon in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. He is co-founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Contemplative Network, dedicated to teaching interdenominational Christian contemplative prayer, scientific research, and interfaith dialog.

Deacon Hesse is a well-known speaker who has given numerous international and interfaith presentations, retreats, and courses on faith and science, with degrees in both.  

Sixteen scholars reviewed the book, including Fr. Binh Quach, CSSp, and Fr. Donald Nesti, CSSp, of UST's Nesti Center and Faith & Culture. Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D, president of the Magis Center for Faith and Reason, wrote the Forward.

Faith and Science: A Journey into God's Mystical Love is available on Amazon. Click on Look Inside for a sample of the beginning of the book. The non-profit Contemplative Network will receive 100% of the author's royalties.