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Dr. Beena George Helps Prepare Houston’s Budding Entrepreneurs

The Houston Innovation SummitUST’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Beena George, will participate as a panelist at The Houston Innovation Summit "The Next Generation: Entrepreneur Education" panel on Nov. 21, during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Cultivating New Entrepreneurs

The theme for the day is "The Next Generation;" and this particular panel will discuss how Houston's academic institutions are helping cultivate new entrepreneurs.

Since Houston consistently ranks as one of the top cities for economic growth potential, one of the best startup ecosystems, and one of the best places in the country for women and minority entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. So how do we help our city reach that potential and grow the next generation of entrepreneurs in ways that also create more inclusive, equitable and sustainable paths to economic development?

What Attendees Will Learn

Join education leaders from some of Houston's largest and most diverse academic institutions to learn:

  • How Houston's entrepreneurial education environment is evolving;
  • How they're helping prepare and grow the next generation of entrepreneurs -- from Zillennials to second-act seniors, and from newcomers to Houston to those new to startup culture;
  • What trends and opportunities they're seeing; and,
  • What they're most excited about for Houston's economic future.


  • Dr. Beena George: Chief Innovation Officer, University of St. Thomas
  • Brenda Rios: Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives & Community Relations, HCC
  • Sandra Louvier: Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, HCC
  • Kelly McCormick: Professor of Practice & Managing Director of Red Labs, UH
  • Moderator: Ned Mueller, Entrepreneur In Residence, HCC

The event will be held at Houston Community College Southeast. Buy your ticket now.

The panel discussion will be livestreamed and recorded for future entrepreneurs to learn about University of St. Thomas’ offerings, which include undergraduate, graduate and certification courses through The McNair Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.