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Dr. Brandon Green to be honored as one of Houston's most Impactful Leaders

Dr. Brandon Green Dr. Brandon GreenUniversity of St. Thomas-Houston's director of Campus and Learning Technology in the Office of Information Technology, will be honored on Dec. 16 at the 2nd Annual Gala, ROYALE, as one of the Emerging 100 Houston black, young professionals for the exceptional impact he has made within the Houston community. Dr. Green will receive an Education Award at the event.

"I am deeply grateful and humbled to be the honoree," Dr. Green said. "This recognition fuels my commitment to serve and inspire even more, and it's a reminder that the journey is just beginning."

With a background in ethical leadership and technological expertise, Dr. Green has dedicated his career to advancing educational infrastructure and fostering student success. He holds a doctoral degree from the University of St. Thomas-Houston and has experience in instructional design and information technology.  

Emerging 100 Houston is an organization that serves as the young professional auxiliary of the 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston, Inc. Their primary goal is to become the leading organization for young professionals. They focus on enhancing mentoring and community initiatives in the five key areas of mentoring, education, health and wellness, economic empowerment and leadership development. The ROYALE is their annual gala to honor Houston's most impactful leaders.

Dr. Brandon Green Embraces Education

Dr. Green knows the importance of education to help break the cycle of poverty. His remarkable journey began in Hiram Clarke, Houston, where he was raised in a modest three-bedroom home, sharing living space with his grandparents, mother, three aunts, an uncle, and three cousins. Set against the backdrop of a community primarily inhabited by African Americans and Hispanics grappling with economic hardship, the prevailing challenge was the unwavering awareness that failure was not an option.

Pervasive stereotypes painted a grim picture for students from disadvantaged neighborhoods, suggesting a bleak outlook for college completion and attaining a bachelor's degree. However, Dr. Green defied these odds, demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination. In his educational odyssey, he acquired a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and a doctoral degree.

From an early age, academics presented minimal challenges for him, and education seldom provided the intellectual stimulation he craved. Yet, in the fourth grade, a pivotal turning point transpired as he was introduced to the world of technology by his father. Weekends were transformed into a haven for computer engineering projects, fostering his interest and expertise. By the fifth grade, he had independently constructed his first computer, marking the inception of his technological journey.

Today, Dr. Green actively engages in higher education, emerging as a transformative leader seeking to catalyze systemic changes within the educational landscape and extend his positive influence into the wider community. He is committed to community involvement and currently serves as the director of Campus and Learning Technology, where he continues to shape the future of education. He is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., reflecting his commitment to community involvement and service.