11:33 AM

Dr. Cesare Wright Secures Team-based Internships with Fox 26 KRIV

UST-Houston Assistant Professor of Communication and Director of Digital Media Initiatives Dr. Cesare Wright secured a first-of-its-kind partnership with FOX 26 (KRIV-TV) for a team-based internship for five UST students in his COMM 4361 Project-based Practicum class.

In his Practicum class, Wright divided the students into two teams who worked on different projects. Team 1 members, lead by student Rebecca Alcozar, chose to investigate and bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking on college campuses through production of a podcast series call “Unmuted,” which can be heard on YouTube.

Through Wright’s media connections, the students participated in a multitude of media broadcasts, which helped them achieve their goal of raising awareness about the scourge of human trafficking.

“The internship materialized, in part, due to the media attention that our Unmuted Human Trafficking team received, including several segments on FOX 26 and Isiah Factor Uncensored,” Wright said.

“These students will serve as social media consultants, advising FOX 26 on strategies for expanding their digital broadcasting,” Wright said. “The team will also work with Melissa Wilson to assist with the production of her weekly livestream and on-air segments for ‘Lunch for the Soul.’” 

Wright personally knows the value of a great internship, especially at FOX 26, because he also had a stint as an intern there when he was an undergraduate at Rice University. After graduation, he was hired full time as a news editor and special projects consultant.

Wright hopes to expand the partnership to offer internship opportunities in other career fields, including business, marketing, human resources and management.

As part of the FOX 26 partnership, Wright will present at the national general manager’s meeting with Fox Corp. and leaders of Fox affiliates.