09:01 AM

Dr. George Harne Launches "Spelunking with Plato" Podcast

Dr. George HarneDr. George Harne, executive dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, launched his new podcast, “Spelunking With Plato” on October 29.

Scheduled to be published bi-weekly, the show will explore the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at UST. 

What is “Spelunking with Plato”

“Spelunking with Plato,” the Arts and Science podcast, offers conversations with faculty and friends of the University who can help us see more clearly the truth of things and devote our lives to the pursuit of Wisdom. By drinking deeply through dialogue from the Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions we hope to order our lives more completely to the truths of reality, so that we can become fully free and come to a vision of the Good.

"The title, “Spelunking with Plato '' combines a bit of humor with the classical philosopher Plato and his Allegory of the Cave,” and what is one of the most fun words in the English language: “spelunking.” Harne said.

Topics to be Explored

Harne, who draws on his past experience hosting a podcast at Magdalen College, is looking forward to talking to interesting guests about their areas of research and expertise. His first guest is Dr. Clinton Brand, associate professor, English. Harne and Brand discuss the intersection of education and poetry in the life of St. John Henry Newman.