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Earn a Family Life Certificate from UST’s Nesti Center for Faith & Culture

The Family Life Program is accepting applications for fall 2021.

Family Life Program logoThe Nesti Center for Faith & Culture, located at University of St. Thomas - Houston, offers a Certificate Program in Family Life that is designed to help interested persons apply elements of a family perspective in their lives and ministries. This certificate program is for people who are currently employed—or considering careers —in ministry or in secular professions serving families: teaching, medicine, social services, human resources, family law and many other fields.  

“Experts agree that many families are in crisis today due to multiple factors,” Elizabeth McLaughlin, MATS, coordinator and adjunct instructor for the Family Life Certificate Program, said. “The need for trained family ministers and persons who accompany, serve and assist families in navigating relationships, systems, societal influences, technology and globalization has never been greater. This program and the information and insights offered are a tangible step, taken by our Archdiocese and the UST community to address the current crisis by offering healing and hope for families, the foundational cell of society.”

Solid, Vibrant and Updated Pastoral Formation in Family Life

The multi-dimensional program provides solid, vibrant, updated pastoral formation in Family Life, explicitly designed to be applied in today’s society and Church. The program is taught by high-level scholars and engaged practitioners who are passionate about ministering to families.

An approved offering in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, the program admits leaders of all faiths. “We welcome all people interested in deepening their understanding and skills in accompanying and serving families,” Fr. Binh Quach, CSSp, director of the Nesti Center for Faith & Culture, said.

The seven-course sequence goes as follows:

  1. Introduction to Theological Reflections and Methods
  2. Theology of the Human Person
  3. Theology of Marriage
  4. Theology of the Family
  5. Marriage and Family Across the Life Cycle
  6. Families Today: Trends, Issues, and Stressors
  7. Family Partnerships: Models and Methods.

All classes are geared to practical application in life and ministry.

Program Offered in Two Tracks

The program is offered in two tracks: 1) an area of concentration in the Master of Arts in Faith and Culture, which is part of the existing Master’s degree offered by the Center or 2) as a Certificate in Family Life, a non-degree track.

Acquired Skills and Application

Graduates will be prepared to enter professional ministry or the helping professions with knowledge and skills, which strongly support them in their respective communities, employment or volunteerism, as they serve and support families.

“Graduates will be able to initiate, plan, implement and evaluate broad functions within varied specialized and/or creative pastoral ministry settings, McLaughlin said. “They will be able to make decisions with compassion and fidelity to recognized, professional, ethical and Church accountability standards. Lastly, they will make appropriate judgments in a range of theological and ministerial functions, in varied ministerial contexts.”

Classes online and in-person

Classes will be offered in a hybrid (in-person and online) format. It is possible to complete the program entirely online.

Apply Now

Applications are currently being accepted. Courses will be offered beginning in the fall of 2021 through UST and UST Max in Conroe. Go to www.stthom.edu/cfc to enroll, or call 713-442-5066 for more information.