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Earn a Fully Online M.A. in Faith and Culture from University of St. Thomas

University of St. Thomas campus at nightThe Rev. Donald E. Nesti Center for Faith and Culture at University of St. Thomas will offer a fully online and face-to-face graduate-level Master of Arts in Faith and Culture that immerses students in the historical, cultural and theological patrimony of the Catholic Tradition.

If you are interested in where faith encounters American culture, than this degree is for you.

You don’t have to be Catholic or any Faith Tradition, just willing to Dialogue

“As we strive to live and work together for the common good in society, we bring the Catholic voice to this ongoing conversation, while actively listening and valuing the voices of other,” Dr. Stuart Squires, associate professor of Theology and associate director of the Center, said. “You don’t have to be Catholic. In fact, you don’t need to subscribe to any particular faith”

MAFC is an Applied Degree for Lay People

The approach isn’t theoretical. It is applied. CFC wants to arm you with the tools to not just engage and ask questions, but actually live out those hard questions. In the program you will discuss and debate the hard questions of life and issues we face in today’s world.

"Our program is unique in the country,” Squires said. “It is not intended to form students to be theologians or ministers. Rather, it is for lay professionals who want to be grounded in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition."

Looking for meaning in life, or your calling?

The program is valuable for those seeking meaning, looking to fulfill their calling, or for personal development. Students in the program have said that you can’t base the program on the question, “What are you going to do with this degree? Instead, your mindset should be “What do I plan to be with this degree?

Alumna and Legal Fellow at the United Nations Reyna Anderson ’15 notes, "I applied to law school because I was inspired by what I learned in the MAFC program: the virtue of justice, inalienable rights and so much more."

Classes Offered in Real Time

Until recently, the Center has offered this 36-hour degree face-to-face, which limits who can benefit from this degree. As the world moves toward online learning environment, the Center wants to open this degree up to everyone interested.

Not to confuse with hybrid classes – some of the course is online and some is face-to-face, the new MAFC degree is online, but it’s in real time where a student logs in to the class at a specific time. The professor is there with you as you learn so you can dialogue with your peers and teacher.

The Center also offers a certificate comprised of the first 18-hours of the program.

Of course, for those who don’t want to online version and prefer face-to-face, the MAFC degree will still be offered on the UST campus.

How to Apply

The new online MAFC begins in fall 2020. To learn more or apply, go to www.stthom.edu/cfc.

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