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Soledad Tanner: Entrepreneur Recognized

Eleven of the honorees at “Tributo a la Mujer Hispana,” L-R:  Aniuska Marin, Rosalin Cabrales, Soledad Tanner, Maria Maso, Bahira Shami, Lupita Colmenaro, Claudia Romo Edelman, Adriana Tamez, Vania Galindo, Angelica Noyola, Maribel RodriguezIt’s as if Soledad Tanner MIB ’02 came into the world with a mandate to be more, do more than the average person. She has worked since the age of 15, is a proud US citizen, and possesses three passports: Ecuador, where she was born; the United States, her adopted country; and Switzerland due to her DNA. Recently, the Founder and CEO of STC Consulting added another recognition to her long list of awards and accomplishments. Tanner was named a “2020 Emergent Entrepreneur” by Solo Mujeres Magazine during the 13th “Tributo a la Mujer Hispana.” City Council Member Robert Gallegos also acknowledged the recipients’ contributions.

“I feel honored and proud and happy to have been on the platform with other successful Latina leaders,” Tanner said. “My hope is that when other Latinas see me, they understand that big dreams can happen if you work with diligence, determination, and discipline.”

Love for Family Drove Her

Tanner became aware of her powerful drive when she was 20, and her civil engineer father died suddenly and unexpectedly.

She said, “My mother was left to support three children, and the look in her eyes was of the fear you’d have if you were standing on the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. I resolved to help my family and to use my financial expertise to do everything I could to keep other women from feeling like my mother did.”

“Numbers Lady” Capitalizes on UST Gateway to Dreams

Calling herself “a numbers lady,” Tanner built on the experience she was already getting in her banking jobs and positions in global logistics. But it’s her graduate degree from UST that she credits as being the gateway to her business dreams.

“Getting my MIB from UST added to my credibility in the business world. The UST name is highly respected. It opened doors so that I could shine.”

Today, Tanner has more than 30 years of financial experience and leads a global business and financial management firm.

CFO-On-Demand Helping Clients Access Resources

“I serve my clients as a CFO-on-demand,” Tanner noted. “Nothing makes me happier than showing entrepreneurs and small business owners how their numbers work and creating strategies for increasing their profit and productivity.”

In the present pandemic crisis, she is invaluable, assisting businesses in securing their share of the government rescue funds for keeping employees through the economic downturn.

Goal to Increase Financial Literacy

Tanner remains amid the numbers and right at home in the company’s new offices at 2503 Robinhood Street, Suite 150, in Houston.

“What I plan to continue doing is increasing financial literacy for clients so they can experience the highest caliber of success for the comfort of their families and communities.”