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First Cohort of MS of Applied Data Science Raves About the New Program

By Brittani Wright

Cesar FloresThe University of St. Thomas welcomed the first cohort of the Master of Science Applied Data Science this fall and has started strong with ambitious students.

The MS in Applied Data Science program at UST was created to meet the growing demand for data scientists. Data-driven research and marketing is now a core component of nearly every organization’s strategic operation, making an MS in Applied Data Science a sound investment to help advance careers in this field. Job openings for data scientists are growing faster than the number of qualified data science professionals to fill them.

UST student, Kristina Borovkova, has a goal to make a valuable contribution to the world as a data science professional.

“I have to admit that it is challenging to work full time and go to school full time,” Borovkova said. “However, I really enjoy it, especially learning new methods of how to process and analyze different types of data. The fact that big data is transforming our world brings a lot of opportunities and motivates me to balance work and school. I am very excited about pursuing a degree in this field.”

Kristina BorovkovaMS in Data Applied Science offers a flexible degree plan that allows students to complete the program as a part-time or full-time student, with evening class options.

“I have had a love for data and data visualization since I was a kid,” UST student, Cesar Flores, said. “While working at my last job, I finally got an opportunity to work as a data analyst creating and presenting data to grocery executives. A month into my job, I was not satisfied with the quality of insights I was providing our clients. I made it my 2019 resolution to start my master’s program. My experience at UST so far has been amazing. I started off with just a strong passion for data science, which has now turned into a working knowledge. After every class that knowledge has grown exponentially. With its small student-to-professor ratio, I really feel like my professors know my struggles, and I always have help available to me. I could not have asked for more from my experience.”

If you are interested in advancing your career or looking to get into the technology field, UST’s Master of Science in Applied Data Science program is the perfect choice for you. To request more information, visit ustgradprograms.com/MSDS.