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Former Swiss Guard Who Served a Saint is Named New Business Dean

Dr. Mario Enzler, UST’s gregarious and diversely accomplished new dean for the Cameron School of Business (CSB), is further distinguished by having known two saints — Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. He came to know them both while working as a Swiss Guard for the Holy Father. The relationships gave him inspiring and humorous stories which would later fill a book—and had a transformative impact on the young man and musician, who would become a global investment banker, financial advisor and Catholic academician.

Enzler’s Richly Diverse Professional Road

After his remarkable time with the guards, Enzler excelled for 19 years in private banking and wealth management at UBS, a worldwide financial services firm. Next, the father of five moved to New Hampshire to be near his wife’s family, where he co-founded a classical-curriculum high school with his wife. From there, he was recruited by the Catholic University of America to bring his expertise to their finance program at the Busch School of Business and Economics.

His High-Value Dimension

UST President, Dr. Richard Ludwick, said, “Dr. Enzler brings together a richness of business expertise and a passionate commitment to the Catholic liberal arts mission. Furthermore, Enzler’s heart, having been shaped from personally knowing two saints, adds a high-value dimension to the Cameron School of Business and uniquely positions the University to offer students of business the tools and knowledge to be exceptional leaders for the future.”

Enzler said, “The Holy Father deepened my faith, taught me how to think, and how to be a better person in every role. I am drawn to share these priceless lessons with others. Students will emerge from UST’s Cameron School of Business having received the finest business curriculum shared in a climate of values. Moreover, employers will hire our graduates, because they’ve learned how to think instead of what to think.”

In his previous university post, the affable academician’s heart led him to create a graduate degree program specifically designed to teach priests and other clergy the business management skills crucial to responsibly managing the affairs of a diocese, parish or religious order. Enzler is eager to bring such a program to St. Thomas.

His Service to a Saint

His colorful conversations are animated by moving and light-hearted stories about His Holiness. To celebrate and honor the 100th year of the Pope’s birth, Enzler recorded all of his memories in a newly published book entitled “I Served a Saint.”

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