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Get Money for College, Earn in-demand, 100% online degree at UST

Earn a 100% online, 2-year degree in top fields.Is Free College in Your Future Plans?

Sign up this fall to earn a 100% online associate's degree from a top private institution in Houston – the University of St. Thomas, and you may achieve your second semester free with a full-ride scholarship (books excluded). Maintain a 3.0 GPA in your first semester, and you are in for free money for the spring 2023 semester!

Also, Texans who fill out the FAFSA and are Pell grant eligible won't pay tuition in the fall semester because financial aid covers your education.

We are talking FREE COLLEGE! 

"We want students to know that the Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies supports a great foundation for students who seek to make a career change or who wish to start a career that makes a good living," Dr. Nicole Walters, Dean of the Kolbe School, said.

The University of St. Thomas-Houston is a Catholic, private institution open to people of all faiths.

100% online, 2-year degrees on your schedule

These online, 2-year college degrees offered by UST's Kolbe School are in high-demand fields with exponential job growth in the coming years. Earn a 60-hour associate's degree in general business, drug and alcohol counseling, cybersecurity, network technology or electronic technology. Take 45 hours in core courses and 15 hours in electives.

Many current students still work while obtaining these degrees because they take the courses on their own time.

Practicum and Internships

UST offers the only associate's program that guarantees a secure practicum placement for its Drug and Alcohol Counseling Students all over Texas.

In-demand Jobs with Good Wages

Students in computer technology have the potential to earn $80,000[i] with their 2-year degree. As for the size of that job market, an estimated 2 million jobs are projected in the next 10 years.  

Associate Degrees Are Not Just for Young People.

Associate degrees are not just for individuals immediately out of high school. The student population in the associates’ degree programs ranges from 18 to 55 years old. It is never too late to retool to a higher paying job or for mothers to enter the workforce and earn a living wage.

College Credits Earned Apply to 4-Year Degree Plans

You can apply for the credits from your associate's degree and keep going to earn a Bachelor's degree program at the University of St. Thomas. UST offers 40 undergraduate degrees, such as Global Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Business, psychology, and counseling, plus 41 minors, including entrepreneurship.

Come to an Info Session on June 9:  Apply Now. 

Apply now, or attend a virtual open house at 6 p.m. on June 9.  Meet students enrolled in the program, professors and a Spanish-speaking admission officer.

RSVP for the virtual open house here.

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[i] Students who study for the CompTIA A+ Certification and take the exam as part of their Capstone have this opportunity available upon passing.