15:21 PM

Get Your Complimentary UST License Plate Frame

UST to Take a Ride All Over Houston

Mr. & Ms. UST, Calen Anderson and Kailee Mann, displaying the new UST license framesIt sounds almost too good to be true — a new way for members of the University of St. Thomas-Houston community to let everyone know about our world-changing university, and it is FREE. On Tuesday, March 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at UST’s Moran Parking Garage, volunteers will be standing by to install branded license plate frames for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends of UST.

Handsome Frames

The complimentary eye-catching white frames boast red letters proclaiming HoUSTon at the top and University of St. Thomas at the bottom. 

The newly branded license plate holders were the brainchild of UST Senior Director Dr. Carla E. Alsandor, who said, “This is a fun way to increase our visibility and create more awareness around town. The parking garage is filled with vehicles every day that belong to members of the UST community. When not parked on campus, they are on the roads and parked in shopping centers, churches, and restaurants all around the greater Houston area. These license plate frames will become our rolling billboards. We want everyone to know about the University and that it is located right in the heart of HoUSTon!”

Convenient, Easy Installation

On March 21, a crew will be at the entrance to the Moran Parking Garage to greet drivers. Volunteers from staff and our Rising Stars Program will ensure the process takes place efficiently and in a timely manner. They will determine which drivers want the new frame installed while their car is parked in the garage and which ones want to take advantage of the drive-thru option. Still another option: Drivers may pick up a frame (at their convenience) from the UST Police Department office and install it themselves. 

Before you know it, UST will be taking a high-visibility ride all over Houston.