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Great February 5 Opportunity for Celts to Serve

Celts' Day of Service volunteers“I would rather feel compassion than know the meaning of it. I would hope to act with compassion without thinking of personal gain.”  —St. Thomas Aquinas

 Those words from the namesake of the University of St. Thomas-Houston describe what drives the University’s February 5 Celts’ Day of Service. Compassion.

 At this annual event, the UST community comes together to serve on campus and in Houston. Staff, students, faculty and alumni are invited to participate in a number of worthwhile projects.

A Hearty Breakfast and Plenty of Projects

 UST Student Engagement Coordinator Anna Haydon said, “On the morning of February 5, we will welcome everyone to the event with a warm breakfast and wish them well as they head out to their service projects. Volunteers will help with causes like beautification of the campus Prairie Garden, a mobile food drive, staffing a soup kitchen, working with a local children’s center and assisting at an area women’s charity.”

 Typically, as many as 100 participants join in for the compassionate, community-building event, and more are always welcome.

 “We encourage all of our wonderful Celts—alumni, faculty, staff and students—to take this opportunity to demonstrate compassion selflessly by participating in this year’s Celts’ Day of Service,” Haydon said. “On this day, we take a step back from serving ourselves and look with kind eyes upon those in need within our community.”

 How to Volunteer

 Every February, for 17 years and counting, the campus of St. Thomas has upheld this tradition. To sign up as a volunteer, go to this document of projects. And feel free to contact Anna Haydon with any questions.

 COVID Considerations

In consideration of COVID safety, organizers are supplying all appropriate sanitizing and cleaning items. Anyone who is not feeling well is asked to remain at home. Most projects will occur outdoors to ensure social distancing. And the event will include projects for those who are vaccinated and those not yet vaccinated.