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Heart of the Hustle Hits the Airwaves

Welcome! Welcome to "Heart of the Hustle."

Dr. Patrick Woock is the engaging host of “Heart of the Hustle,” a new TV show that no would-be entrepreneur will want to miss. Woock is Director of The McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at University of St. Thomas – Houston.

The monthly UST program, which airs on Conroe’s “The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler,” will feature a successful entrepreneur in each episode. Guests come prepared to tell all.

Entrepreneur Guests Don’t Hold Back

Woock said, “They come to share stories about being an entrepreneur—the good and the bad. So often, we hear the glamour stories, but we don’t hear about the sacrifice, the loss, the damage. I want ‘Heart of the Hustle’ to be honest about what it is to be an entrepreneur. I want every episode to be a true Houston story.”

Indeed, the first episode, which aired June 9, 2021, was a sit-down with the CEO for Encore Search Partners, Jeremy Jenson. The leader of one of the largest and fastest-growing firms of its kind in Houston revealed everything from the “machismo” that drove him to become an entrepreneur to the company’s multi-millions in annual revenue to the difference between having “a company” and having “a lifestyle business.” Jenson cautioned against making one’s business too much of a priority and disclosed the personal cost of losing his work-life balance.

The second not-to-be-missed episode, featuring George Joseph, CEO for Common Bond and Positive Recovery Centers, is available here.

Houstonian Hustle Inspired the Show

Dr. Woock’s idea for the show developed following his 2019 arrival in Houston.

“I was amazed by ‘the hustle’ in this town,” he said. “Everyone here wants to work, and they find ways to make opportunities happen. Houstonians have a lot of heart. So, Houston is the heart of the hustle.”

His alert interview style and lively pacing keeps the 15-minute show moving as his successful guests offer their stories.

“The program is entrepreneur-based,” he continued. “The story follows them, letting them explore their lives and industries.”

Woock’s goal is to show people what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur through amazing, courageous guests who are willing to share their honest lives.

Watch for “Heart of the Hustle” on “The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler.”