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Help UST Win Student/Alumni Vaccine Challenge

Challenge between UST, TSU and UH

Student leader John Tran receives a COVID vaccine shot

Six University of St. Thomas student leaders received a Moderna vaccine shot on the University of Houston campus last week along with student representatives from other major universities in Houston.

UH led the charge and reached out to other university student leaders to participate in this opportunity, not only to encourage students across all college campuses to get vaccinated but to show how important it is that this generation gets vaccinated.

Mayor Sylvester Turner was on hand to congratulate the students for taking the lead at their universities and asked them to encourage others to get a vaccine shot.

“As student leaders, we serve as representatives and role models for everyone on university campuses,” Kim Nguyen, UST Student Body president, said. “As a group of students with high visibility, getting the shot and sharing it on social media is more impactful than the typical flyer or email. Additionally, there may be a lot of conflicting information regarding getting vaccinated, and this shows that it is safe, and it is a way to protect friends and family so we may all get back to our ‘normal,’” she said.

Student leader Sydney Dunlap receives a vaccine shotThese UST student leaders received their vaccine shots at UH.

  • Jordan Habibi: VP of Campus Community
  • Khady M.: Chief Justice Elect
  • Luna Sanchez: Sustainability Chair of Campus Initiatives and Resident Assistant
  • Melissa Alvarez: Senator
  • Sydney Dunlap: Community Assistant
  • John Tran: Chair of Club Sports Association

Help Us Win the Student/Alumni Challenge by Getting a Vaccine Shot and Posting It

The competition is on between UST, TSU and UH to challenge their students and alumni to get the vaccine shot to achieve herd immunity and get “back to a new normal.” To help UST be counted in the tally and win, take a picture when you are vaccinated and post it with the #TBSUST.

“Now that the age limit for getting a vaccine shot has been lowered to 16 years and above, UST student leaders encourage UST students to GET VACCINATED,” Nguyen said.