12:05 PM

Inaugural Global Cybersecurity Workshop a Smashing Success!

AI Masterminds Workshop participants.The Global Cybersecurity degree program recently held its inaugural AI Masterminds workshop on campus. Seventy-three participants from within the University community joined industry professionals, cybersecurity practitioners, and representatives from area colleges and universities in inspiring conversations about the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence.

Topics in the workshop included:

·         AI and education

·         AI and health care

·         AI and ethics

·         AI and cybersecurity

·         AI and human resources

·         AI and national defense

·         AI and the law

·         AI and social media

·         AI and the Arts

Topic discussions will help develop use cases for utilizing this emerging technology daily.

“The workshop brought significant attention to UST’s Global Cybersecurity degree and the value of graduating professionals with the tools to understand and employ emerging digital technology ethically,” said Assistant Professor Eric Botts, director of the Global Cybersecurity Program. “The multidisciplinary program offers courses in international studies and computer science, as well as new courses focused on enterprise cybersecurity, governance, geopolitical risk, cyber ethics and cyber warfare.”

Helping to make this first workshop a success were UST’s Cyber Celts Club members, student volunteers and support staff such as Patrick McCarty.