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“Intro to Entrepreneurship" Class has a $500 Tuition Discount

Attention all faculty advisors: $500 Tuition Discount for MGMT 4330

Flyer for Intro to Entrepreneur Course 4330Students who sign up for MGMT 4330 Intro to Entrepreneurship in the Cameron School of Business, will receive a $500 tuition discount for the fall course.

The in-person class offered via the McNair Center for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise is held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evenings and open to all students who want to take their degree to the next level.

“This course is hands-on, immersing students in experiential learning by way of engaging with prospective users outside of the classroom to discover their true needs, applying creativity to then transform an idea into an opportunity,” Dr. Patrick Woock, the new director of the McNair Center for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise, said.

Class Taught by Serial Entrepreneur

Woock, who describes himself as a passionate serial strategic entrepreneur, idea creator and thought leader, will teach the class.

“I am driven to build next-generation tools for entrepreneurs. He dubs the class as a “Zero to Hero” experience because you don’t have to know anything about entrepreneurship to start on the path to success while in college.

Zero to Hero, Social Marketing and E-Commerce

His vision for the McNair Center is a place where students from all majors can start their entrepreneurial journey. He wants students to learn the tools to be an entrepreneur (Zero to Hero), social marketing and e-commerce.

Center Offers Minor

The Center will offer a minor in Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship by taking three core courses alongside three courses in their major.

“It is a tremendous value for students’ future careers. Students can leverage their skills including time management, communication, empathy and networking to become an entrepreneur. This minor will especially be helpful to nursing, liberal arts and business majors,” he said.

Woock joined UST in March and has worked diligently to revitalize the McNair Center on campus. He is hosting the 2nd annual pitch competition with partner HCC on Sept. 12.