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IT Genius Bar Reimagines IT Support on Campus

UST's IT Genius BarThe IT Genius Bar is working! Faculty, staff and students are getting their technology questions answered in person and over the phone for a “quick assist” classroom support option. Because the Genius Bar is helping solve IT issues quickly, this innovative concept will now have two permanent locations on campus.

It is all part of a new Reimagine IT campaign to change the face of IT support on campus.

“Technology plays a more significant role in higher education,” Dr. Reginald Brumfield, Information Technology’s Chief Information Officer,” said. “Faculty, staff and students’ daily work is already challenging, so using technology should not be an obstacle.”

IT Genius Bar is Genius!

“The Genius Bar has been a true team effort,” Brumfield said. “One of the IT Department’s goals for the 2022-2023 school year is to partner with the University’s students, faculty and staff to reimagine the possibilities of IT.”

The UST IT Genius Bar is a physical location where IT provides the campus community with in-person assistance in using University technologies. Centrally located in the Crooker Center next to the Celt Cafe, the goal is to bring customers into a welcoming environment where they can talk to the technology staff face-to-face about issues or concerns.

In addition to information technology support, the Genius Bar Team will assist with blackboard support, institutional research questions and classroom support “quick assist.”

In the first three days, the Genius Bar served 126 walk-up customers and responded to 26 classrooms and labs in session.

Dean of Libraries Jim Piccininni was one of 62 students and faculty who used the Genius Bar on the first day of service.

“I had two IT problems needing attention,” Piccininni said. “One issue involved my telephone messaging, which was quickly resolved. The other issue, involving a laptop, was scheduled for resolution the next day, and it happened. I truly appreciate that I can get IT assistance from someone in person and with immediate results. It was well worth the walk over to Crooker Genius Bar. Thank you IT!”

Two Genius Bars to be Permanently Located on Campus

“Because the IT Genius Bar has been so successful,” Brumfield said, “the plan is to continue the walkup service concept in the Crooker Center and expand to the Center for Science and Health Professions building.

Currently, the Crooker Center IT Genius Bar is open as follows:

Aug. 22 - Sept. 9

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

In-Person Support in our Office by Appointment

For those who have tight schedules, IT will offer appointments and come to their location.

“This kind of service model represents a shift in how we provide customer service on campus,” Brumfield said. “We are also growing our IT family by adding more student workers and Rising Star internship students to help support this concept. I think the students, staff and faculty have spoken, and they want a more personal touch than what was offered in the past.”