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July 18: 700-year Commemoration of the Canonization of St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas_screen shot 845x650University of St. Thomas will celebrate its usual 12:20 p.m. Mass on Tuesday, July 18, the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time in the Chapel of St Basil.  On this date, Pope Francis has called for the 700-year Commemoration of the canonization of St. Thomas Aquinas.

According to Chaplain Fr. Eduardo Rivera, CSB, "There is a plenary indulgence that is available beginning on July 18, 2023 through Jan 28, 2025 (the 800th anniversary of St. Thomas Aquinas' birthday).  

The following conditions must be met to receive the plenary indulgence.

  1. Make a pilgrimage to a holy site connected to the Dominican Order (for example Holy Rosary parish) attending a jubilee celebration or taking time for prayerful reflection at the holy site
  2. Pray the Our father for the intentions of the Pope
  3. Pray the Nicene or Apostle's Creed
  4. Pray for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas
  5. Confess in the sacrament of Penance
  6. Receive the Eucharist

Indulgences can be applied to oneself or the souls of the faithful departed in purgatory."