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Kechi Could Be Catchy for UST

Blockbuster “America’s Got Talent” 2019 finalist Kechi Okwuchi ’15 brings her inspiration and influence to the University of St. Thomas-Houston marketing team. Kechi hopes to increase awareness of the University and its offerings among a younger audience.

A Force in Social Media

Jorge Rodriguez, director of Brand Marketing, said, “Kechi feels a special connection to UST, and she is a force in social media with a large presence on every major platform. On Facebook alone, she has more than half a million followers. And Kechi’s message of inspiration and promoting authenticity is a great match with UST’s brand to Be Your Bold Self. We’re excited to work with her.”

How Kechi's Fierce History Led Her to UST

Kechi’s authenticity brand is bold, grounded in a fierce history that led her to St. Thomas. The fantastic singer, author, speaker and social influencer was one of only two survivors from a 2005 fiery plane crash in Nigeria. Her long fight for healing brought the courageous teenager to Texas for burn treatment. UST representatives showed up to share college options.

“The rep was open and kind and inviting and gave me the feeling that if I applied, I’d be considered as a person,” Kechi recalled. “I visited all of the college campuses in Houston, and I loved, loved UST. It was quiet, serene, had a great layout, a wonderful vibe, inviting, inclusive, accessible professors. So many strengths.”

How She Approaches Her Social Media

As Kechi works toward her MBA in Entrepreneurship at UST, she also will wear the hat of artist in residence and social influencer.

“When I post, I want to stay relevant and stick to my brand,” Kechi said. “It’s about being honest and authentic and vulnerable to show people that it’s possible to look forward to life after a trauma. And when my activities at UST tie into my brand, I’ll take the opportunity to post about it so people can see all of the things I love about this school.”

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A final note: Kechi always prays before she writes or speaks. And this survivor’s hopeful message to everyone is: “If you’re still alive, then God’s not done.”