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Learn the secrets to writing successful college applications

USTMAX Center offers empowering workshop

Are you a parent? Student? Educator? Did you know there are secrets to successfully completing college applications? Well, there are. USTMAX Center is holding an empowering workshop from 3 to 4 p.m., Aug. 10, to share these valuable secrets and tips.  

Popular UST presenter Dr. Cesare Wright, director of Digital Media Initiatives and assistant professor of Communications, will present “Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips for College Applications.”

Ideal Time of Year for this Topic

Wright knows that now students are beginning to plan for senior year and college applications. So, he plans to share a competitive edge just as he has been called upon to do on numerous news channels.

Dr. Cesare Wright, University of St. Thomas director of Digital Media Initiatives and assistant professor of Communications“The college landscape has changed significantly since I was a student at Conroe High School nearly 30yrs ago!  I look forward to sharing some of the insights I’ve gained as both a student and professor at some of the top universities in the country.”  Dr. Wright said. “Participants will learn how to select the right colleges, craft a compelling personal narrative, prioritize key application components, and plan to differentiate yourself, ensuring competitiveness even when applying to the most prestigious universities.”

Parents and students will appreciate the chance to have their college application questions answered by Dr. Wright on the spot.

USTMAX Recruitment Counselor Brenda Banegas added, “USTMAX Center is excited to host a workshop like this as the new school year begins and college applications for 2024-2025 open up. Applying for college can be overwhelming, but this workshop will be a great resource for students as they start planning for their next step.”

You Will Love the Speaker

Dr. Wright is a tech enthusiast, visual anthropologist, and leadership specialist whose day-to-day work centers on the intersection of technology and culture. His research interests and professional expertise include digital media production, metaverse, artificial intelligence, drone technology, esports, and virtual reality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from Dr. Wright’s generosity of information for completing a powerful college application. Sign up for this free event here.