13:20 PM

Live From UST Studios, Heeeeere’s “Call of the Celt”

Live, interactive, anything-can-happen video is coming to the online monitor near you, and you won’t want to miss it. “Call of the Celt” is a brand-new offering from the UST studios as campus media producers explore the community-building power of fun through live video.

Hosts to Build Community Despite Pandemic

Co-hosts for the lighthearted, weekly show are Associate VP for Student Affairs, David Hao, and Assistant Director of Pastoral and Ecumenical Initiatives with the Nesti Center for Faith & Culture, Bridget Richardson.

Hao said, “In an age of social distancing, we aim to come together virtually to celebrate, have fun and laugh as we get to know each other and build community with one another.”

Bold, Light-hearted Programming Ideas

The inventive pair is full of bold ideas and coming up with more all the time.

Richardson ventured, “What if one episode is a prize-loaded scavenger hunt in your house with extra points for having certain, less common items?”

Some additional episode suggestions plucked from the content brainstorm include a Shark Tank parody, perhaps called Lions’ Den. Or how about Celts Got Talent? On a heartwarming note, one segment could focus on relationships, featuring thoughts and advice from Dr. and Mrs. Ludwick.

“Our show will be different from anything else at UST, because it will be live and focused on community-building,” Hao said. “Our segments will be entertaining and informative. Even when addressing serious topics, we’ll be able to laugh about them too.”

We’re Live — Oops!

Naturally, hosts will arrive prepared for each live show. Still, “live” can come with unpredictable surprises.

“And that’s part of the fun,” Richardson said. “As we visit with interesting guests, play games and talk about things that matter to students, the spontaneity will add even more energy to the mix.”

The hosts are fine-tuning all aspects of the show and getting excited about their role in fostering meaningful community among the University’s students.

Stay tuned for “Call of the Celt” go-live details.