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Lunch-and-Learns Answer Questions About New Global Cybersecurity Program

Are you ready for a career in cybersecurity? From noon – 1 p.m., every Thursday during the month of June, University of St. Thomas – Houston offers valuable lunch-and-learn sessions via zoom for people to get a feel for UST’s new Bachelor of Arts in Global Cybersecurity, which begins in fall 2021.

Be Part of a Critical, Growing Field

The infrastructure of our emerging technology-driven society is built on a digital platform. “Cyberspace” is the domain where we live and work, where we connect with friends, and colleagues, where we entertain ourselves, conduct business and even access health care. Securing this ecosystem is becoming the central imperative of all social institutions, business, government, education, science, religion and the family. It touches the lives of everyone in the modern world. The threats are many and the risks great. Nation state actors and cybercriminals employ a vast array of tools to disrupt, steal and destroy information vital to the functioning of society. A recent cyber-attack made headlines worldwide when hackers shut down a major U.S. pipeline, holding it for millions of dollars in ransom.

Today, no company or organization is complete without cyber expertise. Cybersecurity is a high-demand career field.

Comprehensive Tools and Skills

While preparing one for the technical aspects of cybersecurity is a must, UST has identified an expanded critical skillset in the world of digital diplomacy and IT governance and built a degree program for it. Graduates of the University’s comprehensive B.A. in Global Cybersecurity, offered 100% online or hyflex, will be successful technology leaders. These well-equipped individuals will know how tech impacts communities and institutions. They will understand the regulatory environment. And they will be keenly aware of the moral and ethical principles around privacy and data protection.

Director of UST’s B.A. Global Cybersecurity program Eric Botts said, “Our lunch-and-learns in June are for anyone interested in a top-flight cybersecurity career. We’ll explain how our multi-disciplinary degree program will empower graduates to have a voice in our increasingly digital world and how that world should be governed. We’ll share how our program rises above, encompassing both the theoretical and operational levels. We’re positioning graduates to advance to leadership jobs should they desire it.”

Link to Attend Lunch-and-Learns

At noon on any Thursday during June 2021, click on the zoom link to attend one of the lunch-and-learns and find out if it leads to your exciting new career in global cybersecurity.