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Meet the Moment: UST to Launch New VoIP Phone System

UST is launching a new communication tool to seamlessly collaborate with one another and to connect. UST’s old phone system will be replaced with a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) product giving faculty and staff an efficient and secure 21st century phone solution. VoIP is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular (analog) phone line.

COVID-19 a Catalyst for how we Communicate Going Forward

“The world has changed,” Oliver Wendt, interim Information Technology (Ellucian) CIO at UST, said. “We started pursuing this phone option when the COVID-19 pandemic required all of us to work from home. The pandemic was the catalyst changing the way we deliver services, academics, teach and communicate with each other. This product is ideal for a dynamic campus environment and a remote workforce. The system provides a consistent communication tool on and off campus and the flexibility to allow us to ‘meet the moment and meet the needs of the community.’”

Product Attributes

UST’s IT Department is diligently working with vendor 8x8 for calls to be delivered through your computer. No more forwarding your desk phone. Many languages are supported. Answer calls on your desktop, laptop or cell phone any place there is a network connection including WI-FI or cellular. All you have to do is use the software application that IT is adding to UST computer systems or the 8x8 application from the Apple App or Google Play store. Campus numbers will be readily available via an integrated directory.

Wendt notes, “This new internet phone system will be helpful for adjuncts and on or off-campus faculty because they will have a single number that goes where they go. One phone number will reach them at their desk on the computer, at home on a laptop or at the park on a cell phone. Everyone’s phone number will stay the same as it is now.”

“Another great feature of this product is that individual users can set business hours based on their schedule” Wendt said. “You can also log out on holidays and weekends.”

Look for Additional Emails with FAQs and Quick Guides

Look for additional weekly emails before launch on Nov. 22 including a FAQ and quick reference sheets on how to use directory and more. “The system is user friendly,” Wendt said.

If you have questions – how do you reach support?


713-525-6900 or 1-800 630-8715

CHAT at https://www.stthom.edu/Offices-and-Services/Information-Technology/Help-Desk/