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New AAS in Human Services degree launches

UST helps meet demand for caring professionals

Do you have a heart for helping others? If you care about people and would enjoy helping them for a living in fields like mental health, addiction, social work and health care, then read on. The University of St. Thomas-Houston's Kolbe School offers a new Associate of Applied Science in Human Services degree and a Certificate in Human Services

Students can earn the new online certificate in 1.5 years or an AAS degree in two years. What they learn will provide these service-oriented individuals with basic essential knowledge, skills and hands-on training in a social work practicum. In addition, students will gain an understanding of crucial systems and resources to support communities. They will also develop the cultural awareness needed to serve diverse populations effectively.

Certificate Option

With the certificate path, skills are enhanced, marketability increases, and various opportunities open. A few of the potential paths and benefits include entry-level positions, skills development, career advancement, specialization, continuing education, networking and connection.

AAS Option

With the two-year AAS in Human Services, individuals can pursue a wide range of rewarding careers related to assisting and supporting communities and various populations. This degree equips graduates with foundational knowledge and practical skills to make a positive impact in various human services settings. Possible career paths include case manager, case worker, program coordinator, social services assistant, community outreach coordinator, youth worker, agencies, residential counselor, mental health technician and more.

Human Services Jobs Expanding

Employment forecasters anticipate seeing the creation of more human services jobs. Contributors to that forecast include an aging population that increasingly requires assistance, a rising demand for mental health services, and expanding social and community programs.

“I don’t think there is a job in the world that feels more meaningful and fulfilling than serving others,” Dr. Sana Vawda, LPC, LCDC, said. “It is embedded in our mission here at UST and it is what sustains society. This flexible and accessible program is fully online and asynchronous to meet the needs of diverse students with diverse commitments. Our program empowers individuals to uplift communities and create lasting change. It is designed cultivate essential skills and knowledge in compassionate people seeking to make a difference.” 

Rewarding and Fulfilling Careers

With the flexible Certificate in Human Services and the AAS in Human Services programs, students have an opportunity toward a rewarding and fulfilling career — that focuses on caring for people.

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