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New Academic Programs in Human Services Management

Dr. Ravi Srinivas stands at a podium addressing attendees. Next to him on his right is a powerpoint on a board reading Recently, a guiding coalition of UST interdisciplinary faculty along with professionals working in non-profits including The Lighthouse of Houston, the Chinese Community Center and the San Jose Clinic gathered for a Human Services Management breakfast at University of St. Thomas.

Recognizing a need in the non-profit field for academically trained professionals from an accredited university, St. Thomas is working to develop graduate-level education to address the need.

“The key is to provide a program tailored specifically to the challenges of the human services sector,” Dr. Beena George, dean, Cameron School of Business, said. “Our goal is to equip students with the critical skills necessary to manage the human services organizations and ensure quality service for their clients. We offer a minor for our undergraduate students and a concentration for graduate students in the MBA and Master in Liberal Arts program. We are also planning to offer a Master’s of Science in HSM in fall 2020.”

With their assistance, the Cameron School of Business and the MLA program will create four academic programs in Human Services Management.

  • HSM graduate-level certification program for nonprofit leaders (six classes)
  • HSM concentration in the MLA program
  • HSM concentration in the MBA program
  • Master of Science in Human Services Management

Graduate-Level Certificate

The six courses are available as a graduate-level certificate. This option is ideal for the working professional interested in advanced education focused in Human Services Management yet not ready to pursue a master’s degree. The cost of the graduate-level certificate will be $15,000.

Apply Your Certificate Toward a Graduate Concentration in HSM

The six courses can count toward an MLA Degree or an MBA with a concentration in Human Services Management. These options will be ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a master’s degree with a focus in the area of study while also obtaining other skills and knowledge to be successful in his/her career. Graduate tuition rates apply.

Earn a Master of Science in Human Services Management

The fourth option is a Master of Science in Human Services Management. With this option, you can also use the six courses from the certificate toward a more specialized focus in HSM with an additional four courses. This program will launch in fall 2020 and the tuition cost is pending. The Master of Science in Human Services Management is ideal for individuals who would like a specialized master’s degree in the field.

Generosity of Donor Starts HSM Program Offerings

With the generosity and initial gift of Vince Pettinelli, ’67, founder, People Serve, UST is able to develop programs in Human Services Management. “UST has a unique opportunity to develop and execute a national model for training mangers in the human services sector,” Pettinelli said. “Well-trained and accountable managers will be able to administer programs that enhance the lives of their clients by giving them measurable skills which will improve their quality of life.”

Attendees at the breakfast and future attendees from the non-profit organizations have four ways to give additional feedback.

  • Program Ambassador (e.g., Advocate for the program);
  • Learning Partner (e.g., Guest lectures)
  • Funding Partner (e.g., Collaborate on grants)
  • Advisory Member (e.g., Mentor current students into industry positions)

For more information on these programs or to attend the next HSM Networking Breakfast, contact Cameron School of Business at 713-525-2120.