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New Book by UST’s Dr. David Schein Reveals House of Cards in D.C.

Dr. David Schein, author of "Bad Deal for America"Suppose there’s anything that keeps UST’s Dr. David Schein, MBA, J.D., Ph.D, up at night. In that case, it might be the existential threat he perceives from the possibility that the U.S. could lose its 100-years standing as the world empire it is. The Cameron Endowed Chair of Management and Marketing and Director of Graduate Programs for the Cameron School of Business warned in his first book, “Decline of America,” the American empire mirrors others from the past and is poised to fall as they did—the Romans and the British, for example.

Optimism in “Bad Deal for America”

Despite his potentially grim position, Schein is promoting a new book, “Bad Deal for America,” which he says is optimistic. Certainly, the format is engaging. The author-speaker-attorney-consultant uses a deck of playing cards to group 26 democrats and 26 republicans as Diamonds, Hearts, Spades or Clubs. Then, each D.C. politician is represented by a particular card. That card contains the number of years in office and verified, verbatim statements made by that individual. Some are eyebrow-raising.

An Interesting Read for Broad Audience

“The book is designed for a broad audience—anybody who is interested in congressional elections, taxpayer rights and voter issues,” Schein said. “What these quotes and other information in the book show is that these people who are supposed to represent us, and who spend all of their time in D.C., have lost contact with their constituents and are just part of the D.C. machine. And getting personally richer for it.”

Compelling Research and a Recommended Path Forward

Schein includes information on direct salary, benefits and access belonging to these privileged individuals. He concludes that both parties have failed America, and the essential path to authentic representation of the people is term limits.

Schein said, “What I hope happens as a result of my book is that Americans will ask people who are running for office ‘Will you stay based and connected in our district and focus on our issues and not become part of the Beltway mess.’”

Dr. Schein’s latest book “Bad Deal for America” is available here.