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Not Born to Hate w/ Brianna Amaya - BOLD

This is the twelfth installment of BOLD - A University of St. Thomas Podcast, a series that creates a dialogue and aims to inspire, encourage and aid students—current and prospective— to “Be Your Bold Self.” New episodes are published bi-weekly. If you have an idea for a potential podcast guest or topic, send them to maxstudios@stthom.edu. 

Alex Yemeck talks to UST alumna/graduate student, Brianna Amaya about her work in producing Not Born to Hate - a three part video series about race, racism and culture in America. 

Amaya shares her experience growing up, the importance of education in her life and why she decided to study philosophy. Finally she shares what prompted her to pursue this important video project and what she hopes will come from it.

Watch the video version of the Podcast here.


01:40 - An Introduction to Brianna Amaya

02:35 - Why did you study philosophy

07:00 - How has philosophy and theology help you grow in faith

09:30 - What is your career, what will you do with theology

10:50 - Not Born to Hate - what is it

16:25 - How did the idea come about

25:40 - How do we transform this into reality

29:45 - When does it come out?

32:15 - How do people begin confronting prejudice in their own lives?

Recognizing that hate is a learned behavior, Amaya shared a few insights to help one overcome any prejudice they may have:

The biggest thing you can do is to educate yourself. When you begin to educate yourself you will know that it exists. Once you start looking into it you will recognize that people have gone through it and are continuing to go through it. Just have an open mind.

Also, watch the Not Born to Hate videos.