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Nursing Students Glean Valuable Lessons While Giving COVID Vaccines at Casa Juan Diego

Photo left to right:  Dominique Nsibu, PSON Pets & People Pharmacist  Pets & People Pharmacist  Pets & People Pharmacist  Claudia Gonzalez, PSON Letitia Plummer, DDS  - City of Houston Council Member at Large Amanda Wilkinson, PSONSenior students from the UST Odis and Carol Peavy School of Nursing — in partnership with Letitia Plummer, DDS - City of Houston Council Member at Large, and Pets & People Pharmacy — embraced servant leadership by administering COVID-19 vaccines to 39 Casa Juan Diego residents.

What Jesus NEVER Said

“Gleaning valuable lessons expressed by Fr. James Martin, SJ, UST nursing students have come to appreciate what Jesus never said: ‘Feed the hungry only if they have papers. Clothe the naked only if they’re from your country. Welcome the stranger only if there’s zero risk. Help the poor only if it’s convenient. Love your neighbor only if they look like you,’” Dr. Michael Sullivan, assistant professor Peavy School of Nursing, said.

To embrace all aspects of what it means to be a UST nurse is to believe:

  • God cares
  • God acts to heal
  • God calls us to care and to heal

With Gratitude, We will Return

“We are grateful for the opportunity to serve at CJD, and our nursing students will return on May 12, 2021, to administer the second COVID-19 vaccine to the residents,” Sullivan said.