10:02 AM

Peavy School of Nursing Gifts AED to Angela House as Part of Its Community Health Initiatives

Every day, the University of St. Thomas Peavy School of Nursing (PSON) faculty, staff and students work for justice, serve people experiencing poverty, and strive to live authentic faith-filled lives to create a world where all people can live to their full potential.

According to Dr. Michael Sullivan, associate professor and program director of PSON’s Graduate Studies Programs, “PSON’s ability to carry out the UST mission within the community rests in the formation of links with others, including health care providers and community organizations. By forming partnerships, we can respond to the community’s needs in a manner that is cohesive and comprehensive, rather than fragmented or duplicative.” 

One example of a longtime PSON community health initiative is Angela House, which addresses the unique needs of its residents who are formerly incarcerated women. Residents learn the skills needed for independent living and obtain the resources to shed the behaviors that led to their incarceration. Angela House programs have reduced recidivism for women in Harris County by 87% and contribute to the common good. 

“At PSON, we strive to provide opportunities to improve access to health services,” Sullivan said. “Achieving a truly healthy community encompasses, or works toward, all the elements that lead to health. To enhance the well-being of staff and residents, PSON recently gifted Angela House with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).” 

This life-saving device is crucial in resuscitating someone who has collapsed due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Providing Angela House with a readily available AED will ensure rapid response time and provide staff and residents access to emergency care should an SCA occur.