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Perfect-fit New MLAs in Business and Education

Attractive alternatives to a traditional MBA or MEd now are available to Master in Liberal Arts students at the University of St. Thomas. Within its 16 areas of concentration, the MLA program adds specializations in Business and Education.

Director of Masters in Liberal Arts, Thomas Behr, JD, Ph.D., explained that the new concentrations reflect the University’s approach to a Catholic liberal arts education that grows out of the wisdom of the ages and offers practical advantages for the 21st century.

Responding to a Yearning for Understanding and Answers

“Our society is yearning for solid cultural understanding and seeking answers to the confusion of the times that can only be found in the wisdom of the ages,” Behr said. “My interest has always been about making the benefits of liberal education available in curricular options that offer personal growth as well as real-world practical value for the common good. In particular, I can see genuine value to working persons and educators who could benefit from a solid bit of professional training, in education or business foundations, but who also want to broaden their cultural foundations.”

Right Fit for Educators

The program director and professor of history went on to explain that educators without an undergraduate education degree, might benefit from some foundational training in teaching techniques and theory. They might also like to build up some substantive knowledge in their instruction area, for instance, history, English, government, or economics. MLA-Education courses include curriculum and instruction, and also leadership and management tracks.

Great Match for Other Working Professionals

On the other hand, working people, who may have risen to their professional positions through experiences of all sorts in the job, may profit from some business foundations in marketing or accounting, for example, to move to the next level of their success.

Behr added, “Combining technical training with liberal learning makes sense for the vast majority of working people interested in professional advancement and life-long learning. For many working professionals, UST’s new MLAs will be a great fit.”

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