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Podcast: Celebrating Easter when it Still Feels like Lent

QT with JC or Quarantine With Jesus Christ, is a podcast born out of the need to continue serving and ministering to the University of St. Thomas - Houston community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. A collaboration between Campus Ministry and Catholic Outreach, the podcast seeks to offer structure and balance along with a bit of hope to these unprecedented times.

It’s Holy Week, the most exciting time of year in our Church, but this year, Holy Week feels different. Most of us won't be attending Mass to celebrate the resurrection with our friends and family. Heck, most of us won't even be able to see our friends and family in person this year. So what can we do to find the joy that Easter promises?

Hosts Max Linnville, Nicole Labadie and Darnell Miller talk about how they are experiencing Holy Week, how it differs from years past and what they are going to do to cultivate a sense of joy and hope this Easter season.

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00:00 - Introduction to podcast and Holy Week from Max

01:05 - Nicole Reflects on Palm Sunday Mass Homily - What it means to have hope

02:35 - Tying how we feel during COVID-19 to how Jesus felt leading up to PDR

06:45 - Max shares his experience entering into Holy Week

09:00 - Darnell reflects on the spectacle of Easter vs the spiritual reality

11:07 - Nicole reflects on Jesus in the Desert

13:32 - How do we find that Easter joy?

14:47 - Darnell reflects on what actually brings us joy? Finding small joys.

18:05 - Nicole shares how the Labadie’s will enter into Holy Week.

22:36 - Max talks about finding joy through solidarity

27:11 - Christ’s promise that Easter will come

28:00 - Creating a prayerful space at home

35:45 - Self Guided Easter Retreat

36: 25 - Share your prayer space with us

Finding your Easter Joy

In the podcast Darnell Talked about finding the small things around you that bring you joy and practice a few of those things this Easter season. Think about the things that you have access to that bring you joy and schedule some time in the next week or so to do them.

A Call to Prayer

Finally, the hosts challenged you to create a prayerful space in your home. Where might that be? What would you include in that space? What types of prayer would you pray regularly in that space? What types of prayer would you like to explore in this space?

It does not have to be a full room like Max’s space, but a space set aside prayer. When you have created your space, share it with us! We want to see what it looks like! 

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